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Regular walking, good quality meditation routine, and the most undervalued of all: mental recapitulation. It wasn’t any one of these practices, that transformed my life. It was a combination of all of them.

It may seem like a lot going on a spiritual side of things, as meditation is a crucial part of this page, but beware: This is a personal development, not a spiritual development site. Spiritual growth on its own is not going to help you reach your fullest potential.

There is no religion talk here, no angels, no visions. True, there is metaphysical and some mysticism involved, but only as much as it is necessary to convey certain meanings. Hiking is also eventually going to become a big part of this website, as at the end of the day, it's all about the journey.

All practices here, including meditation, are used as a targeted, practical approach to kicking your arse towards one goal – getting yourself to where you want to be in life.

It all Started with Walking

First I started walking. I walked regularly, and often for many miles. Then I started meditating. I managed to build enough willpower to develop an everyday meditation discipline.

Walking and meditation changed my life. I found a sense of purpose. I found a mission. Do you want to know what it’s like, to feel power – real power like nothing is ever going to stop you? Meditation is not enough. We need recapitulation.

There are plenty of things that I need to learn and improve, the events I have covered below are just the beginning, only that first step on a long windy path. And so, I created this blog, to share my journey with the world.

My Mission to walk the England Coast Path

My mission is to walk, or more precisely, thru-hike the England Coast Path starting the same year it completes. My purpose, for the time being, is to spread the message and help you understand your true potential.

There are plenty of great people helping to spread this message, but there aren’t enough of the ones who first help you “get it.” Trying to convince human beings that they have enormous potential and great power is not very easy without first making them understand it.

2795 miles of England Coast Path is set to be completed in 2020. I have three years, to further transform myself, learn to control my fears, let go of limiting beliefs.

I felt what it’s like to have no fear, no fear what so ever – and I want you to know this feeling too! I’m sharing this method with a world so that you can find a way to your own personal power.

How Meditation Lead to Action

My story is not all that different

I always wanted to travel. I felt jealous of people who travel the world all their life. Individuals who have been to places, done things. I want to do it, I want to do it now! – I thought.

I’ve been to a few different countries, I have moved from my birth country to the UK. Yet my life was not one big travel adventure. I wanted it all to be a journey. I would read a post of some travel blogger and think, dah – good for you! How come you are doing exactly what I want to be doing, and I’m not!?

I always thought, that if I lived a thousand years ago, I would have been an explorer. I would have been one of those people, who discovered things, you know – discovered Americas, Australias, sailed around the world, found a sea route to India. Why couldn’t I do it now? There was always something in a way: finances, jobs, other things.

And then I realised It was all nonsense excuses. I was quite happy. I was stuck in a sort of “comfort zone.” If I really wanted to travel, I would be doing all things necessary, to make it possible. Instead, I was focusing on all things I didn’t want to do – and as a result, I was becoming exactly who I didn’t want to be.

I have now completely reversed this. I always knew I loved writing, yet I have abandoned it after high school. Now I’m writing : )

 I found that I loved walking long distances and that there cannot be a better method of travel, to truly experience that sense of journey.

I named this website the way I did, is because, for me, a sense of journey is one of the most beautiful things you can ever feel. Not just a physical journey from one location to the next, but also a journey through life. When I feel it inside me, I’m so much happier. I know I’m not just aimlessly hanging around in one place, stagnating the hell out of myself!

This is something I realised through painting. All my paintings were about people travelling; they were always walking. While writing an artist’s statement a few years ago, I realised that all I’m trying to portray is a sense of journey.

I guess painting does lead to some sort of self discovery, especially if you have to write about what you paint.

And so, discovering how much I loved walking changed many things for me before I ever knew of any Law of Attraction – that came a bit later.

Oh, I guess I’ll have to give credit to the movie The Secret here, as it changed my way of thinking. I shouldn’t be doing it so reluctantly; it has a potential to open the eyes of many people. However, I still seem to have this “intellectual” hang-up, that prevents me liking things that seem to me to be aimed at very average intelligence audience. I guess I’ll have to seriously recapitulate that at some point – to realise how terribly unintelligent I really am and, that a healthy brain doesn’t matter that much. I will, of course, delay it as much as I can : )

Once I got into a nightly meditation routine, which I have tried and failed many times before, real breakthroughs started happening. Slowly and reluctantly, I incorporated affirmations – which work a lot better than I ever thought they would.

Once you start regular meditation, things start happening

I started walking more regularly summer of 2015. I have completed 29-day water fast, June 2016 and later that month I began regular meditation.

Few minutes to midnight on 21st of August, a car drove in straight into our house. More precisely, into the exact part of the house that my fiancée was using as a workshop, and I was using it for all the work I did on my computer.

The driver walked off with minor injuries. His Jeep Cherokee was smashed, though.

If I were working there at that time, more likely than not, I would have been either dead or very badly injured. I’m a night owl, and do my best work at nights – it was very unusual for me not to be there at that time. That didn’t shake me, even though I wanted it to. What it did, is completely smashed my computer and almost full 2TB hard drive with all my work. Oh, and of course, half of the house.

I was working on my portfolio. I had some great photos of my paintings, that took me forever to get right. I was two days away from sending it off to the galleries. We were also in the process of trying to sell this place.

My external hard drive was pretty much unrecoverable. I lost all my photography work (and there was a lot!), plus thousands of family photos.

Surprisingly, my computer’s internal hard drive recovered well, even though the rest of the laptop had to be binned. The only thing I had on my laptop was my portfolio website, which translated into two years of my life of learning some code and building it from scratch. I was publishing it online that very week the accident happened. As you can imagine, as soon as I have recovered my HTML/CSS file, it was online!

The ground floor was boarded up, and due to the unfortunate sluggishness of our home insurance, the whole of the downstairs was freezing, and unusable through the entire winter. In fact, it was only yesterday from the day of writing this text, that they have now fully closed off that side of the house, and it’s not finished yet.

 Ground floor included my studio, where I did all my artwork. There might have been many artists who suffered through winters in completely uninsulated environments and still produced a good volume of work. Unfortunately, my relationship with art is not that strong - I am not, and was never going to become one of them. And so, I just continued with my meditation.

This sequence of events gave me time to figure out what I wanted to do.

There is a saying: what you do in your procrastination time, is what you should be doing for a living. When I thought back, I realised that for the last ten years, all my procrastination time was spent researching and experimenting with nutrition and various diets, trying to figure out all the health secrets I could, and for the last several years this also included copious amounts of personal development books. All this, of course, when I wasn't watching movies and playing Xbox games.

The end of October, beginning of November 2016, while writing a long text about expectations, I had my first experience of the effects of recapitulation. I have discovered a memory of my teenage years, which destroyed my motivation. When I looked at it, it was so insignificant, so minor – so nothing! And yet it had an enormous effect on my life.

That particular text started on my computer, and that beginning bit is still in one of my early posts. I finished it on my phone, and I can’t seem to find where it went now.

The effect was so huge that it resulted in a very metaphysical experience. I didn’t have any visions; I felt fine… only my whole body was buzzing, and I could feel my own vibrations. There was more, but it seems almost impossible to put it in words. That is how I imagine Ayahuasca working. I guess there my brain somehow released some DMT into itself! 

By December 2016 I knew with an absolute certainty that I wanted to start this blog. The very beginning of January 2017, I knew I have to walk the England Coast Path as soon as it’s completed. I also knew I have to completely reverse the way I was, before I set foot on that path. My early posts were written between mid-October 2016 and the beginning of January. The exact time it was happening.

It gave me three years, just enough time to make this change very achievable – only if I have a clear intent of what I want to do, and a laser beam focus.

The end of February 2017, by a freak accident I managed to pinpoint a little childhood memory in my head, which ultimately prevented me from learning to play a musical instrument.  I had all the opportunities to do that – my house is full of my boyfriend’s guitars and other instruments! And so, another instance of recapitulation at work. I am now learning to play cello.

I started working on the publication of this blog in a middle of March 2017. In amidst of all the things I was finding out how to do, on the 23rd of March, EXACTLY 10 years after I first moved to England - I have this insanely incredible experience, where I realised way too many things to describe here. No, it wasn’t a spiritual awakening. The only thing that I get from reading about symptoms of “awakening” is that I have been in that stage most of my life, so as many other people. All that I can say is I learned a lot of things. I found what fear is. It was life changing.

Both times this happened to me, (ok, the first time was incomparable to the second) I was not meditating. In fact, both times I have skipped my meditation for the evening because I strongly felt I needed some grounding. Recapitulation very obviously triggers these experiences.

And here I am, still walking and meditating

This is the first time I have written down all the major events that happened since I started regular meditation last summer. In less than a year, I have grown more as a human being, than I did in the previous ten. All of this, because of meditation and a stupid movie!

Meditation is not just reserved for the ones who are trying to achieve spiritual healing or other spiritual growth goals. Meditation is for everyone who wants to grow, to improve, to become a better person. It’s crucial for those, whose goal is to expand their personal power. It won’t take away who you are – it will show you it.

Meditation won’t make you a crazy mysticist. It will make you understand, that some of them are not that crazy after all. And some are even crazier than you thought! It will make you less crazy yourself. Your sixth sense is not a myth, it is simply your intuition, and this is just one other benefit of this regular practice. And I won’t bother mentioning better focus, increased productivity, and improved relationships – I shall leave this for my later posts!

Once again, I strongly stress the fact that it wasn’t meditation on its own that got me here. It was a combination of good physical health, walking, good quality meditation, and mental recapitulation. I am not sure of exactly how much of a role long distance hiking plays in all of this, but I believe it’s a lot more than what it seems at first glance. Walking long distances builds up your willpower – and your willpower is the very core without which certain doors will remain forever closed. Have you hiked up enough hills to start liking it? Congrats! Your willpower has already stepped above average!

I also happen to know, that regular walking, even shorter distances makes a huge difference to the capacity of your focus and your creativity.

Walking is also something that everyone with working legs knows how to do. You don’t need to learn it – you just walk. Want to get better at it? Walk more! Eventually, if you do enough, you may even start liking your hills : )

Learning how to do meditation, as some folks say it, or more precisely - how to meditate, may seem tricky for some. Not everyone is the same, and some meditation methods will work better for others than they work for me. In this blog, I will be covering meditation techniques in more detail.

All you want to know is how to get the ball rolling? Just want to get into a habit of doing it regularly? I will be posting a good amount of meditation tips here, as well as plenty of natural health tips. Since walking is part of my method, I will include some advice on outdoor gear, also all I know about huge benefits of walking. All current blog posts can be found here.

I might make it sound like I dislike creating my artwork, however, I still secretly love it, and spend almost as much time producing illustrations for this blog as I do writing my articles. Other forms of my artwork can be found on my art site

Whoever you are, I am happy to have you here and hope you’ll find what you are looking for.


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