Conclusion on My 45 Day Ketogenic Diet Experiment

Ok, so I was so busy walking, that I have forgotten to add my conclusion of my 45 day Keto experiment! So here it goes.

I missed fruit! Apples, grapes, watermellon! Ah! That juicy, watery sweet taste! 

I even missed carrot juice... 

I found out, that I can easily get bored of "tasty fats". When I started, I was all excited about eating as much fats as I like. It was great. But after a while it started feeling too old. I missed the freshness - and that's one thing fats lack: you never seem to get that overwhelming feeling of freshness that you may get eating a crunchy apple or a fresh watermelon... 

I also had to be very careful with protein, which was very difficult.

Sugar cravings? None of that. I never craved sugar one bit, which was interesting. The main reason I craved fruit, was for their freshness, sweetness as well, but not so much. Chocolate bars, cakes - none of that seem to matter. I was quite ok without complex carbs like bread, pasta, potatoes, and bananas but I rarely consume starchy foods anyway. Sugar craving is quite different. I know, because I have experienced it before, after high protein diet - to the extreme! I really craved cakes, croissants, chocolate, sweets, I couldn't have enough of them. Keto was different, there was no such cravings what so ever, even when I stopped eating ketogenic foods.

Energy. This was interesting. One thing I can conclude, is that my energy seemed to be a lot more stable throughout ketogenic diet, than what it would be on my normal diet. I never got overly energetic or overly tired, it was just very, well, stable. This is something I noticed immediately after I got back to normal foods. My energy levels fluctuated between tiredness and hyper activity quite a bit :)

I think keto was great for walking. During my 14 day walking challenge to walk 10 miles a day, I only had one day when I really felt tired. The rest were very good. I was tired from not being able to manage all the things I wanted to do, due to spending 4 hours every day walking, but overall energy levels were very good.

Focus. I'm not sure how much keto influenced my focus and concentration. I would love to do another keto experiment just for that, at the time when I'm doing more creative things where focus is quite a necessity. Throughout most of my keto trial, I was walking and only concentrating on quite basic tasks. That said, I have managed to learn the basics of my editing software in no time at all, before I ever got to a walking part of improving my focus. I would have to explore this diet a little further, to be able to conclude on how it affects my focus...

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