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Humanity is constantly evolving: our perception, our minds, our bodies - they are continually changing, and they are not going to stop anytime soon.

What has happened in the last century? We have been through a lot: war, peace, destruction and creation. We are evolving so fast we have trouble understanding who we really are. 

Is this change for the better? Are we evolving in the right direction? Is there such thing as the right direction?

Some people think that humans as a race will be extinct within the next few hundred years. Others see our race taking a path of destruction not only towards themselves but also towards the whole planet. 

Are they right? We can’t deny that the age of today is filled with dirt: corporations are taking over the world, our food is riddled with toxins, our air is polluted with chemicals, oceans are getting used as a dumping ground for everything we can think of. Conflicts fired by greed and power are raging from east to west.

In this modern new world, millions of people still die of hunger, while other millions die of obesity and prescription drugs.

But I see yet another side to this age. People are forced to become stronger. Stronger in their ability to unite. Stronger in their understanding, that only in unity we find peace - only in unity we find a real civilisation worthy of its own name. Only in peace we truly prosper. 

We are finally getting to understand, that we are all one, and we are all responsible for our own actions. We are responsible for the world we create for ourselves, for our children and our children's children. 

A brand new wave of awareness is striking more and more people, like a white rabbit coming out of magician's hat. Awareness that lets us know: if we want to change the world, first we have to change ourselves.

This is my very first entry to, and my goal is to help our awareness grow and take the next step of human evolution towards direction of peace, self-knowledge, and abundance. 


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