Is New Age Movement Crazy?

Crystal BallPeople often imagine New Agers as people who believe in many things unproven by science.

It is and it isn't. This movement brought us a lot of things that we never thought of before. Esoteric or occult related subjects can be debated more freely, paranormal activity also seems getting more accepted into our society. With more and more people use social networks each day, the global connectivity is stronger than ever. We no longer feel the need to be dictated what to think or be interested in mainstream media, and we can connect with like minded people in every corner of the planet. Information is exploding, new ways of life that you would never have thought of before, new ideas, old ideas revived from the dead thousands of years ago.

True, we still have the government, with an unfortunate need to control everything that moves, who doesn't lag far behind a major part of individuals on the planet. With all those ideas exploding in every corner of the earth, it will start getting harder and harder to control. While oppression is real, it's us as people who have to evolve first. Only then, the controlling layers will give. 

Alternative healing methods are getting far more attention. They are being looked at and researched, and even mentioned in more mainstream outlets from time to time. At the same time, this knowledge is exploding online. There is also an awful lot of BS, but this I will address later. Big Pharma is gradually getting exposed for a true greedy beast that she is, and people better understand the reasons why their doctors want to keep stuffing them with pills. I'm not saying this about all doctors, but certainly the majority of them.

Connection of like minded people

With all this New Age, comes freedom of expression, and less need "not to be weird." Now we can find the same weirdos as us in every corner of the world. The thing is, we're in New Age together. Lots of exciting things are happening on this planet right now, and more and more people find themselves with their eyes opening to the new possibilities of human existence. Yes, there also seems to be an awful lot of resistance generated by governments all over the world, continuous need to get people at each other's throats, so they can safely plot whatever next war they're plotting without worrying about consequences of public outrage. Some people remain hypnotized by the fact that anything that comes from the government and the media (any media for that fact) is a gospel truth, and these are the people most easily manipulated by their uncontrolled mind. Just as intended, they judge each other's morality, call them names, just for the sake of doing it, and praise their righteousness wherever they go, often without doing any research on what it is they are feeling so protective over. Through their rage, they lose sight of truth. 

Fears, problems, and worries

The fact is, people who consider themselves as part of a New Age Movement are just people like the rest of us. They too have fears, they too have problems, they too are trying to create and be a part of a better society. Their fears and worries might be different in some ways, while others might be worrying about financial security and physical well being, New Agers may be worried about spirits in the corner of their bedrooms, because if their financial well being is threatened, they feel like they can always manifest more. 

It can be as extreme or nowhere near as extreme as my previous example. Not that many New Agers are worried about spirits. Most of them will have the same worries as you do, with some variation. Just like everybody, they worry about day to day stuff, about their kids education, business, career or relationships. Just like the rest of the world, some are smarter than others. Some still believe every word they hear on a TV, or every word their favorite pop star blabs about their political views. I must admit though, that from my experience, music taste seems to be far more advanced around New Age environment than in the rest of a population, at least in Britain, although I still don't get what Eric Pearl so nicely called a "New Age tinkly music." Does anybody actually listen to that? 

As for modern pop, imagine nobody knows Bob Dylan, and suddenly he appears on some X-Factor show, what do you think would happen? The judges would go "oh, well, I see you still need to work on your singing" and off he'd go - never to be mentioned again until the show is over. But hey, that's just a reality of our crazy pop culture. 

The Bullshit

So what about all the bs? Well, some New Age bs differs some how from the rest. New Ager can get seriously worried if she doesn't have the right crystal with her on a job interview. Or that there is bad energy in the house because that hunchback witch visited last Friday. Or that she doesn't have the right soap for a ceremony she's attending this evening. All of these problems can be taken with a lot more seriousness than an expired car insurance. And for those who don't believe me - yes, I'm saying this with utmost seriousness. 

There is plenty of fake information online, fake psychics, fake healers, fake miracle workers and so on and so forth. New Age market is easy to manipulate, because it has a lot less bases in physical reality. How do you know if the psychic you went to is real? Well, you won't until whatever they prophesied comes true. You can't verify them, and that's why anyone wanting to make some money by fooling people around, can pretend to be one. If there are real psychics, which there might be, they must be pretty peed of by all these bullshiters. 

However, we have an even better pile of BS outside the New Age community - we have flat Earth people, and some that blatantly claim dinosaurs never existed. I have nothing against brave new theories, but the problem for these people is the simple fact that they are actually dealing with physical world, and if you have any intelligence, these things are not that hard to check and verify - yet there still are some hard core believers, who are too lazy to verify their own beliefs. 

Healings can be verified, although it's not as straight forward as it may seem. Alternative healings have to have very high standards for us to believe in them, and it is so for a reason - because science does not understand how they work. If we don't understand how something works, the only way to verify it is our own experience and objectivity.

If I went to a Reiki healer, with a problem, and after recommended amount of sessions I didn't get a relief, or got a slight relief that could be attributed to placebo, it didn't work. We must never underestimate the power of placebo. If it solved your health problem, it either worked or it was a coincidence and you got better without any input from your healer. Or, once again, placebo. If I had a terminal cancer and went to a healer,  and my next screening revealed that my cancer vanished, I think I would be pretty inclined to believe that this healing worked. This also would have to be the case of no dietary or lifestyle changes, because we don't know how much that would contribute. These standards are almost impossible compared to mainstream medicine, and not unfairly so. 

I recently read a book by Eric Pearl, whom I mentioned earlier in this article, called The Reconnection. This book is about his story and a journey of becoming a healer. If you're interested in weird and wonderful and want to know more, I recommend you listen to some of his interviews or seminars on YouTube, or simply get the book.

About the book

Eric Pearl was a chiropractor, and run a very successful chiropractic clinic in LA. Until one day he gets dragged to the beach by his crazy employee who insists on taking him to get a Tarot reading from this woman she's met earlier on. The $10 reading was not particularly exciting, but when she's done, she asks him if he would be interested in this other thing that she does. She starts talking about meridians in every human, that are in misalignment with a universe, and that as a "healer" he should really have this done. He asks for a price, she says three hundred and thirty-three dollars. He could think of a lot of better things to do with 333 dollars than spending them so this woman can draw a few lines on his body. He's not interested, she insists. She ends up telling him that he can get more information about this procedure in The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch. 

He leaves, but for some reason can not get this out of his mind. Long story short, he has this procedure in two sessions on different days and comes back to his day to day life. Soon after, weird things start happening, his patients are "feeling" some other presence in a room, while they're having therapy. Then these healing start happening... people regaining their sight, people getting out of their wheelchairs and so on and so forth. He's happy with the healings, but he also doesn't understand what on earth is going on - he wants to know more about what's happening to him. He contacts every person in a New Age business he can find that doesn't look crazy from the photo, and asks for advice.

New Age Business

Here comes the advice.

"Are you using protection?" They ask, "Protection from what?" he answers confused. The question repeats. They inform him that he should be protecting himself against evil energies and the ill health that is left behind by his healed patients. They prescribe hand shaking, bowls of salt water that have to be changed every few patients, calling in all the saints under the sun by all possible names they can hide under and so on and so forth. So one by one he starts taking their advice. 

Eric Pearl loved what he was doing. He loved the fact that he was able to produce those miraculous healings which occurred in his clinic. Gradually, after he started going through all the "protection" procedures, Eric Pearl noticed that he stopped feeling good about what he was doing. Thinking back, he also noticed, that his healings were becoming less and less dramatic, ever since he started employing all these protection procedures.

So he got rid of bowls of salt water, and stopped calling for all the saints under the sun before his healing sessions. Not only he once again started enjoying what he was doing, but the healings also regained their previous more dramatic effect.

He concluded that all these superstitions were fear based. If you're even vaguely familiar with Law of Attraction, the followers of this principal will tell you - when you think something bad is going to happen to you, something bad will happen. I believe there are plenty of flaws with Law of Attraction, not necessarily in the way it is preached, but in the way most people understand it. However, they are certainly right about one thing: fear produces more fear. Most of what holds us back from achieving what we want to achieve, is fear. I know it sounds cliche, but it's true never the less. 

Fear is not real. We are the ones who make it real. I could talk more on this subject, but I am still trying to digest it myself. I had experiences which helped me to start watching my fears. Most of our thoughts are essentially fears, disguised as one thing or another. Once you follow them deep enough down the rabbit hole, you'll find that their root is always fear. And we are the only ones making it real.

These healers Eric Pearl contacted were only trying to teach him what they were taught themselves, by their benefactors. And their benefactors were taught by their benefactors. Where did it start? 

And this is where New Age following falls short: way too much superstition. Superstition clouds our judgment and distorts reality. Unfortunately, because of those irrational fears, many wonderful things that get associated with New Age movement, were often completely dismissed by general public. 

Nevertheless, even if currently it's all a bit chaotic, things are changing. People like Eric Pearl are invited to speak all over the world by recognized institutions, more researchers are interested in fields that would have been a taboo a few years ago. 

Eric Pearls Reconnective healing was studied by researchers affiliated with the universities of Harvard and Yale. Nobody completely understands what on earth is going on when those healings take place, but I guess we'll just figure it out if we're still curious enough. 

Most of us are crazy

Some kids in third world countries have to hunt deadly spiders to fulfill their basic needs for food. People all over the world risk their lives every day to provide basic shelter for their family. With emergence of civilization, our basic worry grew above survival, and this is not a bad thing. Once basic food and shelter is taken care of, we want to be able to express our passions. Art, music, technology, innovation of all kinds - it may not be of much importance for basic survival, yet it's what makes us happier, and our lives more fulfilling and interesting. Basic needs for survival, freedom, and the ability to express and feel ourselves are worthwhile goals to have. More often than not though, we replace those with worries about nothing! We get irritated about silliest things, we waste our energy getting stressed out and angry about them.

I get irritated when people dress their little kids in Disney princess' outfits. Seriously - it drives me nuts! I think it's exceptionally bad taste and prepares young children for integration within our crazy "identity" market. It is a seriously hard work to find young girls clothing without Hello Kitties, Frozen princesses, or Peppa pigs stamped all other them. It's even more difficult to find girls clothing that doesn't have anything pink. What on earth is that all about? 

I know it's utterly stupid to be worrying about such things. People should be able to dress their kids however they want. If they're OK with current market trends, then everything is cool. Yet I spend my energy being irritated about it. Isn't that crazy? It's insane! This is one of my irrational worries. I managed to get it under control lately, but it still creeps in from time to time. 

Explore your own worries, and you'll be surprised how many of them are just as idiotic and useless. This doesn't make you an idiot, it just means you'll be smarter if you realize how useless these worries are.

All of us are living in this New Age, and a few centuries from now, it's not going to be so New anymore. New Age following consists of people just like everyone else, who may have a different set of superstitions, and their own kind of craziness. And let us not try to pretend your craziness is somehow superior to others, because most of the time, it's not. 

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