The Effects of Shutting Down Internal Dialogue

In July 2016 I started a regular meditation practice. I know now that meditation is one of the most powerful, most potent practice you can ever commit to.

 I am aware that many people practice meditation. Many of them might not have the same opinion as I outlined in the above paragraph. Why?

The secret is not how long you have been practising it. In fact, you don’t NEED to be practising it at all. However, the fact is – without shutting down internal dialogue, your brain is constantly giving priority to what it deems to be “more important things in life.” The other fact is, “more important things in life” are only important because we make them so. Our fears make them so. Most people don’t know this, but our ability to shut down internal dialogue is crucial for any kind of success.

The only time we achieve any kind of true perfection is through shutting down internal dialogue.  When internal dialogue is completely shut down– and I mean, completely shut down, that means no thinking about your breathing or running water or whatever else – only love is left. Anything that comes from this pure, primal, untainted place is indescribably beautiful. It’s the only perfection that exists or ever existed. But no matter how great it is, this is not necessarily what we intend to achieve. What we, humans often refer to as a perfection is not always the same thing. To us, most of the time perfection is simply the perfect balance. This is what the ancient Chinese masters called Ying and Yang. Only you decide what that perfect balance is.

Musicians who have practised violin close to every day ever since they were a kid, are only able to play that instrument as well as they do because they can play it without fear. They have no fear of anything unknown when it comes to their music. They don’t need to think about what they do, to achieve what they want. A musician who practised his piece well, will be able to play it while thinking about yesterday’s morning coffee with a stunningly beautiful girl he fancied. Or about cleaning his toilet from puke early Sunday morning, because his brother, who he’s living with, had way too much to drink when they went out on Saturday night! Just an example :)

Do you think there will be no difference in the way he plays? Of course, there will! Why? His playing is not powered by the thought process of what he plays, but by his emotions. The darker his emotions, the darker his piece. Good or bad emotions will not affect the overall quality, or the balance of his playing – only his focus, and the clarity of intent will. If he shifts his focus from one thing to another, his playing will lose consistency. This is neither bad nor good, depending on his intent. Intentionally manipulating his focus will help him achieve what he wants.

Meditation is nothing more than practice. The reason it is so powerful is because by performing this practice, we strengthen our intent to shut down internal dialogue. Many, if not most successful people – success being living the life that they love with all their heart, do not practice meditation. Why? Because knowingly or unknowingly, they have already learned to control their internal dialogue. Meditation is only a method, tried and tested, as sure as a method can be. If you can achieve the same results without practising this method, you simply don’t need it. If you are easily distracted and have difficulty maintaining your focus - meditation is the number one method that will help you achieve better balance. 

This applies to everything - relationships, career, health. To change it, you only have to focus on shifting the balance the way you like it better. 

 This method only as simple as it sounds, and as difficult as you make it for yourself. It only depends on the clarity of your intent, and your focus. Time is irrelevant. Time is what you make it be. The only real time is now.

If this article is only words to you now, it’s only because you make it so. Clear intent and focus on shutting down your internal dialogue, will make you understand it better, or master that understanding completely.

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