Update on Keto

And my Plan for the Next Few Months

Insane Fog in Rye Harbour - seems just like my mind now!

I have been so busy setting up my social media, that two weeks since flew by like a blink! 

How is my Keto going? It's going well. I have to admit, I had a few setbacks: one day I had two bottles of beer, which probably put me right out of ketosis, another one was a couple of days ago, when I got some traditional British Fish n' Chips. No no, I didn't have the chips, but my fish was battered! I only had some of the batter, so I don't think it affected my ketosis too much.

Is there a difference to how I feel? Yes, there is, but I most certainly cannot attribute it to the fact that I'm currently on Ketogenic diet. I am loosing focus, and my attention span is close to zero. Why? From the moment I get up, to the moment I go to bed, I wasn't doing ANYTHING but working on my website promotion. Currently, I don't even have enough posts to promote - but hey, I thought an early start may do me some good :)

I'm keeping up my evening meditation practice, however I completely fell out with my morning meditation routine. The worst, I fell out with my exercise: I stopped walking, and I haven't even used my treadmill. I have not listened to my own advice: I know for a fact, that investing time in walking pays off tremendously in the time I save being twice or more productive. I was so excited to launch this website, that I wanted to use every minute I had on it. What happened? This is my first post in 10 days, since Meditation Posture and I should have written my Keto update 4-5 days ago. Surely, I should be concentrating on providing you with useful content, rather than anything else! 

I seem to have a very obsessive personality: once I start doing something, I obsess so much that It makes me completely loose focus! It's a bit like my "laser beam" is left illuminating in one spot without recharging the batteries, and then it just dies... 

Back to Keto: I don't know what role my current diet plays in all of this, but it is possible it is helping me without me noticing. It could also be the other way around, it might be harming me without me noticing, however I don't think this is necessarily the case: I have lost focus many times before, when I get obsessive, and this time is very different. How? I am watching myself, and I know that it's happening, I also know why it's happening. Other times when I lost my focus, I never even noticed - like my brain just pretended to be fine and unaffected, and I believed it. I carried on, like it was normal. I know now, that it isn't. I caught myself the second I started doing work unrelated to this site. Past that certain point, I could not pretend that Twitter was "work" anymore, even if it started as such :D

This self monitoring I believe is mainly the benefit I have developed over a long period of practicing meditation. It might also be, that being in ketosis is helping. 

Another unusual thing I noticed, is that I started drinking an awful lot of coffee. 99.5% of the time, I'm a tea drinker, of which 90% of the time will be herbal teas. I don't think this is a result of some caffeine craving. I'm just as happy with decaff as I am with a caffeinated coffee. My taste buds just seem to crave that taste. Another interesting thing that I can attribute to Ketogenic diet are those massive outbursts of energy - all of a sudden I feel like I could run for a thousand miles, for no reason! I usually let it out by jogging in place for 5 to 10 minutes, although I know it's not as good as going out for a proper walk or a run. 

This is changing very soon, as I am going to do a fourteen day challenge of walking 10 miles every single day for fourteen days for the opening of my YouTube channel. I will record my first episode on the 4th of May (tomorrow) and start my 140 mile challenge on Sunday. I will be making a new video every day of the challenge, then twice every week. UPDATE: I have recorded several videos by now, one had no sound, others had wayyy too much wind noise! Unfortunately, I'm going to have to delay my challenge until my external microphone arrives :( I'm hoping the next 3 to 5 days... 

After 14 days of 10 miles a day, I'll restart my normal exercise routine and do an hour of speed walking every single day until the 26th of May. On this day, me and Andy will be going to the Small World festival in Headcorn, Kent. We shall be coming back on the 29th of May. On the 31st of May, I shall be doing my 60+ mile hike from Ramsgate to Rye. Ramsgate to Camber is part of the England Coast Path that has already been completed, the same path I will be walking in 3 years time. I know I'm not "spoiling it" for myself, simply because I happen to live in Rye (East Sussex, UK) and I am already pretty familiar with this part of the coast. 

I have now decided, that all of this, I will be doing while still on Keto. Last year, at the beginning of June I started my 29 day water fast. It was supposed to be 21 day fast, I extended it later. I am contemplating on doing another water fast this year, possibly right after my Ramsgate to Rye walk. Considering I will need a few days to come off of heavier foods and a week or so "on watermelons" after the fast is completed (I will post an article on Safe Water Fasting later on) it will take me to mid-July to start my 100 mile hike of South Downs Way.

South Downs Way is a National trail (UK), that starts from Winchester, the old capital of England, to Easbourne. It is not a part of England Coast Path, as it stems further inland. 

This may pose some problems as I also wanted to complete a 150 miles of North Downs Way before the end of August this year. I may still manage to fit it in, and if not, I'll just have to do it in September. 

North Downs Way is another National Trail in the UK, going from Farnham to Dover and is 153 miles or 246km long. I am contemplating on walking the North Downs Way to Dover and then continuing to walk home from Dover to Rye, another 45-50 miles (roughly, I'm guessing).

I will be videoing my journeys and posting my progress on this website and my YouTube channel whenever I can: subscribe here and join me for hiking, fasting and other personal development adventures :)

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UPDATE: I have recorded several videos by now, one had no sound, others had wayyy too much wind noise! Unfortunately, I'm going to have to delay my challenge until my external microphone arrives, otherwise you guys won't be able to hear a thing I'm saying! :(

I'm hoping to get that mic in the next 3 to 5 days. I'll put a link up when the video is ready!

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